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Why Use Us

Expert, Personal and Reliable

Legacy Trustee Services works exclusively in the Trust arena. We understand our clients’ goals, and make sure they understand all their options. Matching the best trust services to someone’s wishes is our first priority. We administer all our trusts personally and professionally.

Common trusts we administer include:

Management Trusts

These are various-purpose trusts that require ongoing asset management and distributions. They are typically established after the owner dies. Legacy works with survivors, bankers and legal representatives to determine how the client intended their assets to be used, then manages their security and distribution. These include special needs trusts, minor beneficiary trusts and charitable trusts

Estate Distribution Trusts

When a trust owner dies, their assets must be accounted for and managed to allow their proper distribution to your beneficiaries. Legacy manages what is often a complex series of steps needed before distributions can be made. These include asset collections and sales, account terminations, appraisals, completing and filing tax forms and much more.

Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts

These can avoid thousands of dollars in taxes when a life insurance policy is paid to your beneficiary. They receive the full coverage amount including earned interest without federal or state penalties. Learn More

Your choice of a qualified Trustee is critical for maintaining the goals of your trust. Careful management of these responsibilities is our specialty. Our strong skills with people and finances, and our continuous reliability are of the highest standards.

Finding a qualified trustee brings you peace of mind now, and ensures the proper treatment of your beneficiaries in the future.

Legacy Trustee Services adheres to your instructions on how you want your estate to be distributed among your heirs.

We know how to minimize taxes or and protect your estate from lawsuits and creditors.