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What A Trustee Does

Trustees handle the particulars of trusts so their creators and their benefactors don’t have to. These include the oversight of managing financial and tangible assets, and handling complex tax and insurance issues.

A Qualified Trustee Must:

  • Provide accounting and tax services
  • Secure values and inventory assets
  • Send legally required notification letters
  • File insurance claims and apply settlements
  • Determine the viability of claims made against your trust
  • Determine distribution timing based on client objectives, taxesand current issues
  • Manage legacy plans and institutional bequests

Protecting Your Assets

We know how to safeguard your assets as situations may change.

These may include:

  • Preventing your children’s creditors from gaining financial access
  • Preventing a divorcing spouse from financial access
  • Protecting your children or grandchildren from losing their own inheritance
  • Turning your beneficiaries’ inheritance into lifetime incomes
  • Creative solutions for unusual situations