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What are the benefits from partnering with Legacy Trustee Services?

We are experts in the complex world of trusts. Unlike family members, we have no personal ties to a trust’s assets or how they’re distributed. Our professional interest is to manage client assets so they are safe and, depending on type, generating further monies or value.

Legacy provides personal, attentive services. We’re considerate when interacting with clients and other parties, always with the trust owner’s goals as our own goals. Our fees are well below those of other financial institutions where a trust is little more than an account number serviced by a different representative on every call.

For financial planners, our high level of client attention often means the beneficiaries will maintain their assets with the firm chosen by their parents or other relatives. For attorneys, Legacy’s services can relieve the burden of hours of asset management issues. We can provide regular status documents and are fast to respond to calls and emails.