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The professionals at Legacy Trustee Services know every aspect of serving as trustees. We have an in depth knowledge of trusts and more importantly, how to manage them properly.

We serve as trustees day and night, year round for our clients and their beneficiaries. Legacy is here to exclusively provide secure and fair trustee services – now and into the far future.

Well-developed trusts and responsible trustees can prevent the kinds of personal issues that may arise when finances, family members and outside interests are all involved. At Legacy Services we treat every individual and situation with the respect they deserve.

Your Trust Is A Promise

It’s your promise to financially support your benefactors now and after your death. It’s your trustee’s promise to faithfully manage your assets in exactly the ways you determine.

Expert, Personal And Reliable

The trustee you choose today will ensure that your assets are continually protected, invested properly and distributed to who you want, when you want, now and in the future.

We Know Families

The professionals at Legacy Trustee Services are personable and well-experienced in working with family members in a multitude of situations while adhering to the intentions of your trust.